3 Things You Need To Do Before You Decide To List Your House For Sale

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People often come up with first impressions of things they see, but small things can make all the difference.

So finally you decide to sell your house and list it for sale in the market? and looking for good timing to start your preparations for your listing.

Well, before you totally make a move to a certain point of selling your house, just simply follow this “3 Things Must-Do’s to list your house for sale”, and prepare to get an excellent impression of your targeted buyers or potential clients that will surely close the deal for the house you sale.

#1 – Declutter and clean your house

Well, it is very obvious to every house owner that is planning to sell their house, but decluttering and cleaning is the first thing to do for every real estate. Below are the tips to make your action or process nearly painless in an easy way.

  • Eliminate clutter before cleaning – Before anything else you might need first to remove the unnecessary things in your house, it is also good if you are putting them into a nice and clean box and if you can distribute it to a charity,  donating it or giving  them to your friends or neighbor who might probably need some of your items. Recycles always offers a free service to pick up the large metal items which will lessen your worry on how to set aside unnecessary things.
  • Totally clean your house- Mostly of the house owner always considering the time investment of this step, and if you have a huge family that will help you out of this “General Cleaning” then it’s better. Just think of it as a family cleaning bonding, we highly suggest you give higher attention from the kitchens, bathrooms, and most importantly is to ensure that your inside and outside of your windows is totally clean, this way you will improve the great appearance of your house to have a higher potential of impression to your potential buyers.
  • Ensure that your drawers, cabinets, and closets are well organized – As a seller always thinks on how your customer will check your house, and most of them are always start checking the important parts such as your “Drawers”, “Cabinets”, & “Closets“. Which is totally obvious because they are more concern about how big or small is the space or storage of your house, more to that is how well you clean and organized your house is the key point that your potential buyers will close the deal because they are aware that you really taking good care of the house.

#2: Have a little improvement or repair

A small broken problem of your house will probably decrease the chance of your customer to close the deal, so before you list your house for sale ensure all the things listed below as totally fix which you can totally do it yourself.

  • Check your toilets and faucets of there is a need to fix
  • Change the caulking around tubs, showers as well as the sinks
  • Ensure that you already repair the grout of walls and floor tiles
  • Check your walls if the paint needs to refurbish. if a color needs to repaint to make it more beautiful.
  • Repair the damage or  cracked windows
  • Replace new windows screen if there is needs to repair
  • Change the lightbulbs of the house if there is broken or burned-out

#3: Have an appealing outdoors

Getting your potential customer or buyers excited on checking from the inside of your house is always the factor so make sure that on the first glance of the outside of your house is very appealing, so cleaning outside your house and put some more improvement is also a nice move to get a good impression form your customer.

  • Cut all the grass, clean the outside grounds, trim all of the bushes and trees. Ensure that there is no grass touching your walls or even on the roof of your house.
  • Fix or repair the broken gutters and downspouts of your house.
  • If your house is able to apply new mulch, rover rock, or even pea gravel the better, this will also good benefits for the improvement of your house which is related for good landscaping that will provide an abrupt curb appeal of your house.
  • Fix and clean the areas which the car or a person often walks, such as pathway and driveways, remove all the oils, grease stains from a car, especially get rid of the weeds coming up of the side or cracks of the concrete areas outside.
  • We also suggest you have a proper way of making some annual maintenance of your house especially if your house is seasonally appropriate on maintaining the color for the season. Freshen up your house most especially from a doorway, and probably include a mat with a quote of “Welcome”, as well as the house number is clearly seen.

With these 3 easy steps, you can totally get a good impression of your potential customer and would have higher confidence to sell your house and list it for sale.

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